African Safari Kenya – Know The Best Time to Stop by Kenya

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When considering of the best time to pay a visit to Kenya, right here are a few matters that you will need to just take into account.


Of course, a safari would not be entire if you do not see any animals. For instance, involving July and November, animals in Serengeti (Tanzania ) migrate to the Masai Mara in Kenya and then back all over again to Tanzania. There is also a flamingo migration into Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria. This would mean that these are very good occasions to pay a visit to these parks.

Kenya nevertheless has many parks and the animal migration designs are different. It is unquestionably recommended to check out with your tour advisor before you travel.

Weather conditions:

June and July are the chilly months in Kenya. Thoughts you it only deeps to about 12degrees centigrade. So it could not be as chilly as it seems. The issues is the rainy season.

Rains bring about some roads to develop into impassable. For illustration, there is a stretch of road about 15km to Lake Baringo that has been washed off by flush floods originating from nearby hills. If you are booked to travel to this put in the rainy year, you might possibly get trapped there for a time period of time or turn out to be unable to attain there entirely.


If you are spending budget careful, then you might want to vacation when it is reduced year. This tends to be involving April and June or Oct and December. At this time, lodges, lodges and flights tend to be substantially less expensive. Nevertheless, the drawback of travelling then is that you may well not see a lot match, especially the excellent migration.

By Maggie Nguyo