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Named immediately after the independence and flexibility fighter Simon Bolivar, Bolivia is the sixth biggest country in Latin The usa that attained independence from Spanish colonial rule in 1825. Described underneath are some basic facts about the state.

Demographics: Bolivia has an believed population of close to nine million persons. A the greater part of this inhabitants is Amerindians and the relaxation consist of Europeans, Whites and people belonging to other ethnic origins. Europeans in the region involve Spanish, Italians, Croatians, Germans, Russians and Polish. It is also one of the least formulated international locations in the planet with two-thirds of the populace living under the poverty level. Greater part of Bolivians are Roman Catholics. On the other hand, folks of other religions this kind of as Protestants and Muslims are also existing. Spanish is the official language of the state. Other languages adopted in the country include things like Quechua and Aymara. Practically 87 % of Bolivians are literate. La Paz is the administrative funds of the country whilst Sucre is its constitutional money. Boliviano is the forex of the state.

Geography: It is unfold over an region of 424,164 sq. miles. The country has grow to be a landlocked nation due to the fact 1879. The Andes operate in two parallel ranges, one particular on the western location and a single on the jap area. Geographically, the nation is divided into three unique locations. These consist of highlands, mountains and Altiplano on the west coast, Yungas and temperate valleys on the japanese mountain slopes, and tropical lowlands or plains. An intriguing geographical wonder in the country is the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s most significant salt flats, that lies on the southwest corner of the place. The whole state is divided into nine departments that are further divided into provinces, municipalities and cantons.

Overall economy: This place is rich in natural sources. It has the second premier normal fuel reserves in South The united states. 70 percent of world’s iron and magnesium reserves are existing below.

By Pauline Go