Common Safari Protection Ideas – South Africa

Product Information

If you are on a guided African safari, your possibilities of encountering problems are small. Tour operators make it their business to know the spots they vacation in thus lowering danger to travellers. Even so, it is sensible to choose normal precautions on your African safari, especially when travelling through urban areas.

Journey Paperwork / Money

Often have a photocopy of your passport, and any visas. Also, have a checklist of traveller’s cheque figures. These copies must be packed separately from the originals. It is by no means a very good notion to carry large quantities of money, and most city centres (inns, shops) do acknowledge credit history playing cards (Visa and Mastercard are most prevalent), and traveller’s cheques. You may well need to have dollars for buys area markets – hold this in a travel wallet, or a zip pocket.


By no means go away cameras and hand luggage unattended, no matter whether in a vehicle, or even in a resort foyer. In no way pack valuables (this features medicine), in your look at-in baggage.

Personalized Basic safety

When travelling independently on your African safari, stay knowledgeable in phrases of the nearby news. Request at your lodge about any unsafe spots, and codes of costume and behaviour. Will not overtly carry valuables. If you ought to carry your passport and funds, continue to keep them in a buttoned-down pocket.

Sport Viewing

Your manual will always do a protection discuss with you, no matter if your activity viewing is to be performed from a motor vehicle, or on foot. Wildlife is probably unsafe, but as prolonged as you adhere to what you guide tells you, there is extremely minor to fear about. At viewpoints, hides and camps, wildlife is extra common with men and women and significantly less intimidated by your existence. In no way tease or corner wild animals – this might induce an unpredictable response and a most likely dangerous response. Under no circumstances feed any animals, as this can lead to them to get rid of their fear of individuals.

Creepy Crawlies

While Africa is recognised to be house to a variety of most likely perilous species, particularly snakes, scorpions, spiders, and insects, quite several site visitors are adversely afflicted. Snakes have a tendency to be shy, and frequently keep away from developed-up areas. Lodges and camps frequently have insect (primarily mosquito) proofing in their rooms. If you go on a stroll, it is generally a superior idea to snug, enclosed going for walks sneakers, socks, and extended trousers – just as a precaution.

By Gerald Crawford