Damesfontein attractions

mountain-bike21_thumb-490x326 Mountain biking and cycling

Mountain biking can be performed almost anywhere from a back yard to a gravel road, but the majority of mountain bikers ride off-road trails, whether country back roads, fire roads, or single track . There are aspects of mountain biking that are more similar to trail running than regular bicycling.

damesfontein010 Damesfontein museum

This is an impressive collection of artefacts of the past. Marguerite, the fifth generation living on the farm has collected a large variety of collectibles of the past, from wagons, implements, tools, to kitchen utensils, furniture. Click here for more about the museum.

2. Malachite Sunbird Bird watching ( over 200 species)

Bird watching often involves a significant auditory component, as many bird species are more easily detected and identified by ear than by eye. Most birdwatchers pursue this activity mainly for recreational or social reasons, unlike ornithologists, who engage in the study of birds using formal scientific methods.

Quad_Biking Other activities

Other activities include Bossie path a clearly marked trail leads you from one veld treasure to another, Hunting in season, Fossil sightings, Bird watching (200 species) Self-drive 4×4 routes (Grade 1 – 3) ,Walks on several areas of the farm, Farming activities like shearing and herding (by prior arrangement) and many more.