Flight Time – Manchester to Cape Town

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Flight time from Manchester to Cape City varies for every flight. By this I imply there is no one fastened time I can only mention but I have to assess diverse flights. Next time can be described in two means, that is, the time used on air from Manchester to Cape Town and the in general time for the journey such as stops or transfer time.

So now that I have supplied the qualifications let me provide the different situations by the major flights.

The British Airways delivers the shortest time to Cape City from Manchester. That is, the time used on air is twelve hrs and thirty five minutes (12h35m). Transfer time is a person hour 30 minutes general (1h30m), which would make the complete journey to be fourteen hrs and five minutes (14h05m).

The South African Airways requires fourteen several hours and 10 minutes, which is just about very similar to the British Airways. Time devote on air is twelve hrs and fifty 5 minutes (12h55) and transfer time is one particular hour fifteen minutes (1h15).

The 3rd shortest flight time, Manchester to Cape City is with Virgin Atlantic. This flight has just one stop from Manchester i.e. at London Heathway and from there it flies straight to Cape Town. The time used on air is thirteen hours (13h0m). The transfer time is two several hours and forty minutes (2h40m), which makes the total journey to be fifteen hrs and forty minutes (15h40).

Lufhansa Airlines can take about sixteen hrs total, Emirates nearly 20 several hours all round flight time, Manchester to Cape City and Air France about eighteen hours.

By Mark Doeer