Know Some thing About Africa

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Africa is the next biggest continent and the 2nd most common in the earth immediately after Asia. According to a report launched in 2009, it has all-around 1 billion folks and accounts for 14.seventy two% of the world’s human population. It addresses 6% of the Earths overall floor space and 20.four% of the complete land spot. As a total, the continent covers thirty.two million km2 which includes the bordering islands. The continent is the ideal to check out untainted human traditions and wild existence.

Africa is divided into locations: North, East, Central, Western and South Africa. The Eastern location is the greatest to master more on the origin of individuals and the Hominidae clade or good apes. No surprise the continent is regarded as the cradle of mankind. The earliest hominids together with their ancestors were found on this element and are considered to be dated much more than 7 million many years ago. They contain Homo habilis, Homo erectus and Homo sapiens. The earliest contemporary gentleman – Homo sapiens was discovered in Ethiopia and is assumed to have lived two hundred, 000 decades in the past.

Africa has a very fantastic climate that ranges from tropical to sub arctic in mountainous parts. Half of the northern aspect is principally arid or desert while the central and southern components are equally savanna plains and have extremely dense jungles that receive a great deal of rains. Africa has the finest fauna in the entire planet that vary from wild animals that incorporate carnivores like lions and cheetahs and herbivores like elephants, buffalo and giraffes. It’s also home to aquatic lifetime this sort of as crocodiles and hippos and other jungle animals like snakes much more so the pythons.

By Dickson A Wambugu