Lagos – The New York of Africa

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Lagos is a very populated town in Nigeria, Africa. Nigeria is incredibly preferred for its oil and petroleum and the reserves below are remaining sucked set to a significant extent to source throughout the world. It has established an economic system increase and people from all about are coming to reside in this article. This migration has resulted in a population explosion in Nigeria. The various society is basically serving to the country now.

Lagos is regarded as the New York Metropolis of Africa mainly because of various beneficial explanations and also the mistaken motives. 1 is that Lagos is noisy, soiled and has broad selection of eating places and bars. The night life is active here and also you often see people strolling below. It is a city that in no way sleeps just like New York.

Lagos also has a large variety of accommodations such as the Sheraton and Hilton hotels. The metropolis also has the biggest stock exchange in the place. There are quite a few world-wide-web cafes via out the town.

There are numerous sights in the town like the Lekki Conservation Centre, Shitta Bay Mosque and Slave Market but slaves are not sold right here anymore. It is just the name of the spot and has been transformed into what we discover with right now, the flea market.

There are museums, art galleries, eclectic dining places, quickly meals joints, avenue performers, sky scrapers. A person can locate most of matters that you discover in New York. Nonetheless, the infrastructure of Laos simply cannot be in comparison to New York. It is comparable only in conditions of tradition and the all round outlook of the metropolis, which is incredibly identical to the Massive Apple in quite a few methods.

By Pauline Go