Preparing Checklist for Mountaineering in South Africa

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The comfy backpack and a very good h2o bottle are totally critical and cozy powerful footwear are also very important. The pounds of your backpack (packed) could not exceed a single 3rd of your body weight.

Hikers must be reasonably in shape and should absolutely get workout before any mountaineering path. Don’t carry far too many matters with. Almost everything, even the smallest item, have to be as mild as attainable.
Your backpack must normally be packed to continue to keep the load as shut to your centre of gravity as probable. This lessens the “backward pull” you get when the bag is incorrectly packed. Pack as illustrated in the diagram higher than.

Bible (1 group member can pack a smaller Bible)

Permit and a map of the route

Pencil and paper


Plastic baggage to use when raining

Solar eyeglasses (Optional)

Camera, binoculars, cell mobile phone (Optional)

Nationwide tree or chook checklist (Optional)

Other important items:

Matches (try out to get water resistant matches)

Small torch with new batteries

Pocket knife and tin opener

Plate, mug and spoon

Drinking water bottle


Cleaning soap



Container to shake powder milk in

Cloth, dish washing detergent

Fuel-stove and fuel-lamp (see that you have enough additional fuel)

Food (make your personal collection):

A hiking trip’s menu should normally appear to conditions with individual taste and choice, even though you ought to seem at the next: Flavor, wholesome value, is it filling, light-weight, geared up simply and is the charge acceptable?
One way of preparing meals on a path is to be a part of with a single or two much more people and program a joint menu. Every person executing their possess point, or just one individual performing all the things, (except if he/she is a capable chef) can result in chaos – Gerald Crawford


Quick soup and sauces

Any breakfast cereal or muesli


Dried fruit

Biltong (dried meat) and “dro&euml wors”

Nuts for e.g. peanuts and raisins

Sweets (Super C’s or Vita C’s)


Powder awesome-consume (Sport or Clifton)

Fresh fruit (Oranges and Apples)

Cheese wedge’s and Yoghurt


Eggs or powder eggs

Tin meat (Bully beef or Vienna’s)

Dried mince (Dried in a microwave)

Prompt potato for e.g. Mash potato

Tin tuna, sardines, Vienna’s and meat

Greens (Carrots and Onions)

Dried veggies (Decide on ‘n Pay)

“Food in a person” or equivalent meals

New bread rolls

Jam, Syrup and butter

Meat can be employed on the very first evening

Smoked and vacuum-packed meat

“Rooster koek” mix

Instant milk pudding

Woolworths ginger cake


Vaseline lip-ice

Sun tanning lotion

Bandage and plasters


Headache tablets

Voltaren (Ointment that loosens your muscle mass)

Mosquito lotion (Tabard)

Antiallergic medication

Malaria tablets (for trails in Malaria areas)

Plaster, bandage and an ankle/knee guard


Cap or sunscreen

Two sets of light-weight garments

One sweater and/or a heat jacket

A tracksuit for sleeping

Going for walks shoes with thick woollen socks

Just one limited pair silk stocking

Slip-on’s or mild sneakers for use following the days wander

Swimming match and towel

Rain coat (Big plastic refuse luggage can also be utilized)

Sleeping bag and small pillow

Washing-line and clothing-pegs

Needle, string, scissors and additional lace


Soap, clean fabric, toothbrush, -paste and Shampoo

Lip-ice and eye drops

Light-weight towel and washcloth

Comb or brush


Toilet paper (from time to time it is not provided)


Remember everybody isn’t going to have to have everything with, teams can divide merchandise between each and every other.

By Gerald Crawford