Robben Island Cape Town South Africa

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Go to the island in which Nelson Mandela (Madiba) was imprisoned for eleven years for his beliefs.

Robben Island is known the earth above as a put of banishment exile, isolation and imprisonment. For approximately 400 years, colonial and apartheid rulers banished those people they regarded as political troublemakers, social outcasts and the undesired of modern society to this 575-hectare rocky outcrop in Desk Bay.

The Island’s unwilling inhabitants bundled slaves political and spiritual leaders who opposed Dutch colonialism in East Asia troublesome nearby Khoikhoi and African leaders who resisted British enlargement in South Africa Leprosy victims and other ill and the mentally disturbed French Vichy prisoners of war and most lately, political opponents of the apartheid routine in South African and Namibia.

Robben Island’s Most Famed Prisoner:

In the course of the apartheid a long time Robben Island grew to become internationally known for its institutional brutality. Some flexibility fighters invested a lot more than a quarter of a century in jail for their beliefs. Nevertheless people such as Nelson Mandela emerged to guide South Africa to democracy, with a information of tolerance, reconciliation and hope.

Individuals imprisoned on the Island succeeded in turning a jail “hell-gap” into a image of liberty and particular liberation.

The Nelson Mandela Gateway to Robben Island:

The Robben Island visitor expertise commences at the Nelson Mandela Gateway to Robben Island, at the Clock Tower Precinct inside Cape Town’s V&ampA Waterfront.

The Gateway is the “mainland front doorway” to Robben Island, symbolising the importance of the island in South Africa’s youthful democracy. The Gateway homes a 150-seater auditorium, boardrooms and a Robben Island Museum shop, among other amenities. Electronic, interactive exhibition areas on all a few flooring of the Gateway setting up offers the customer with a historic context of Robben Island’s Highest Protection Prison, as nicely as reflecting the broader span of the island’s record.

Robben Island gets upwards of three hundred thousand website visitors just about every calendar year, with the best percentage getting South Africans. More than 95% of the site visitors described their pay a visit to to Robben Island as a constructive uplifting, eye-opening expertise.

By Gerald Crawford