Robben Island, South Africa – Location Of Sorrows

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Islands are generally involved with unrestricted flexibility. If inhabited, islands stand for a lazy life-style significantly eradicated from society’s regulations and polices. Robben Island however, has a history of deep sorrow, drenched in the coldness that the human heart can bestow on other people dissimilar to their very own sort.

The story of Robben Island begun in 1652 when Jan van Riebeeck landed in Cape Town on orders from the Dutch East Indian Enterprise to build a publish where boats could harbour on way to the East. He nearly straight away commenced to use the Island – which is only a handful of kilometers from the mainland – as a location in which troublemakers could be held absent from the rising community.

The very first political prisoner, Autshumato, was exiled in 1658, merely for the reason that he was having again cattle that his persons considered to have been unfairly confiscated by European settlers. Prisoners have been also brought from other nations around the world. Most of them solid-willed rebels that ended up eliminated from their societies prior to they could stir much too much difficulties.

They ended up soon joined by everyday criminals, the mentally unwell, lepers and even prostitutes who could spread disorders. Island existence grew to become pretty severe with no kindness felt or offered. Robben Island experienced commenced it is culture of alienation.

Very long prior to its most famous prisoner, Nelson Mandela, one more great indigenous chief, Makana, was held captive on Robben Island. He was a strong Xhosa leader who fought in opposition to the British around land problems for the duration of the early part of the eighteen hundreds, but surrendered in order to negotiate a significant peace. He was unceremoniously transported to the Island and died there significantly eradicated from his persons.

For the duration of the reign of the Apartheid routine, discrimination against non-white individuals escalated and basic human legal rights became non-existent. Many fighters for liberty were being imprisoned on Robben Island for the duration of those people dark a long time. They faced an iron hand and human interaction was saved to the minimum.

There is just one heart-gripping tale exactly where the political prisoners where by marched earlier the isolated dwelling where Robert Sobukwe was kept in solitary confinement. At that minute he was in the yard and when he observed the other prisoners he received onto his knees, picked up a hand entire of sand and allow it filter by way of his fingers as a solitary gesture of interaction.

Nelson Mandela, one of the world’s most revered leaders, expended 27 yrs in jail, most of that on Robben Island, for his participation in the bring about for flexibility. When the planet group fulfilled this amazing person immediately after so quite a few years in jail, they have been impressed. In this article was a male whose lifetime experienced been properly robbed from him and in its place of an offended man, we all noticed a generous male emerging with continuous eyes and a mischievous smile.

Robben Island that ought to have killed the human spirit, experienced only succeeded in generating an emphatic healer of a divided state.

A stop by to Cape Town are not able to be concluded devoid of having on the boat from the Cape City Waterfront and strolling in and all around the notorious and at the very same time well-known jail that held quite a few unique sorts of men and women powering bars around the centuries.

By Wim Van Der Walt