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Buffalo are with regards to by lots of people as just one of the most unsafe of Africa’s significant recreation. The Buffalo is a gregarious animal and can be identified in groups numbering hundreds of animals. Young bull and previous bulls are normally kicked out of the herd and go on to type bachelor herds or, specially in the circumstance of aged bulls, go on to are living alone. When a buffalo charges it keeps it head significant right up until the past moment when it lowers it to meet the focus on. At this time it is only stopped by a deadly or disabling bullet. The buffalo is really a single of Africa’s prize trophies and a massive trophy has turn into the focal point of several trophy rooms.

Overall look:

A substantial and impressive bovine, the African Buffalo reaches shoulder heights of up to one.5 m and a mass of 750 kg. Each sexes have horns, all those of the bulls are characterised by a large manager and upward curved horns.

Eating plan:

Buffalo herds can have major ecological impact on the veld. Currently being a bulk grazer, they are dependable for converting very long grasslands into small grassy environments conducive to other browsers with far more selective feeding behavior.


Mating occurs among March and May possibly. Gestation period of time is 330 days. Single calves are born involving January and April, with a unique peak in February. African Buffalo are strongly gregarious. Secure herds of up to a number of hundred are usually observed, but which fragment into smaller herds in occasions of drought.


Generally preyed upon by lions. When a herd member is attacked, other individuals will rush to its protection. Collectively a number of buffalo are much more than able to stave off an attack by an overall satisfaction of lions. A wounded buffalo bull is regarded as most harmful by hunters, and is a single of the reasons why this animal is involved into the so-termed ‘big five’. This trait is the origin of several hunting adventures, myths and legends.

The place they are uncovered:

An inhabitant of woodland savannas, huge herds of African Buffalo are encountered in the Kruger Countrywide Park, with scaled-down herds in Zululand and the Jap Cape.

African Buffalo highlighted in the next locations:

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By Gerald Crawford