South African Leopard Journey Information and facts

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Leopard is 1 of the most adaptable of all species in Africa, surviving where by lots of other species can not. Getting incredibly shy and secretive there is frequently no obvious indication of their existence except if they get started to eliminate domestic animals. They prey on any detail from mice to Kudu and Wildebeest. They are also scavengers and will commonly feed on any carrion that they come across. Leopards are perfectly regarded for their flavor for dog flesh and will often take domestic puppies as prey. In rare scenarios Leopards have develop into gentleman-eaters preying mainly on females and tiny little ones. If a Leopard is cornered, they will charge and only a deadly bullet will end him. When the Leopard costs he will come in minimal and without having a sound, and since he is so well camouflaged, it is incredibly tough to decide him up in advance of he receives to you.

Visual appeal:

Leopards have black places organized in rosettes, contrasted on a yellow-golden track record. They have solitary black places on their limbs and head. Their tails are white tipped on the underside. This Cat is greater and stockier built than the Cheetah. Their head and system length is one.6 – 2.1 m, and the tail is .sixty eight-1.1 m.

Ladies are scaled-down and weigh seventeen-sixty Kg whereas males weigh 20-ninety Kg. Their standing peak is 700-800 mm at the shoulders. This nocturnal predator is the next most significant of Africa’s significant Cats.

Diet program:

A assorted diet program ensures that the Leopard is in a position to regulate to just about everything. Although Leopards typically feed on medium and modest antelopes, they have also have been recognised to feed on Hyrax, Baboon, Fox, fish and reptiles. There are even accounts of Leopards residing off a diet regime of insects and rodents in situations of shortage. Leopards are so adaptable that they have even been recognized to endure on the outskirts of towns and villages.


Youthful are born any time of the 12 months as they are non-seasonal breeders. Leopard cubs are born immediately after a gestation period of time of a few and a 50 % months and women generally give birth to two or three cubs in hidden lairs of natural holes or thick bush. The Leopard mom can take excellent treatment to hide the cubs from predators like Lion, Cheetah and Hyena, who would leap at the opportunity to make an easy food of the cubs. Cubs continue to be with the mother for at least a yr, in the course of which time they discover the methods of the wild and how to endure on their personal.


They lie up in hiding for the duration of the working day and hunt at night. Their hunting procedure entails stalking and pouncing, killing more substantial prey with a holding bite to the throat which asphyxiates much larger prey. Smaller prey are killed by a bite to the back again of the neck which commonly severs the spinal twine. They pluck fur off the carcass before starting off to feed on the softer pieces of the entire body.

The continues to be of the capture and abdomen contents will be included with grass and sand. They are agile climbers and when there is level of competition from other predators the carcass will be cached out of access in the fork of a big tree. Males defend large territories which overlap the territories of two or even a few women. Women protect their territories against other ladies.


The Leopard tolerates variable climatic problems and takes place in a extensive range of habitats. Uncovered from coastal parts to elevations of 2000 m higher than sea level in forests, deserts, semi-deserts, bushveld, mountains, woodlands and rocky spots. They are not dependent on surface h2o.

This grasp of stealth requirements some sort of go over these kinds of as thick bush or rocks. Even though they diminished in quantities around the a long time, Leopards are however observed in wild mountains and thick bush through South Africa, apart from for the intensively farmed central inside.

The place they are found:

Leopards can be viewed in their natural habitat in a amount of video game reserves through South Africa. These consist of the Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga and Pilanesberg Countrywide Park in the North West Province. Isolated Leopard populations can even be discovered in the Drakensberg Mountain Range and on a lot of private activity reserves and farms in the course of South Africa.

Latin name: Panthera Pardus

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By Gerald Crawford