Studying Galileo for Travel Agent Jobs

Product Information

If you are hoping to locate your desire task as a journey agent, it’s usually worthy of seeking to find out much more about the particulars of the task. What type of expertise will you have to have? What form of techniques do journey agents will need to be acquainted with? A single acronym you could possibly be hearing extra of in travel agent work opportunities is CRS, or pc reservations system. This is a computerised process applied to retailer and retrieve data, and conduct transactions similar to air journey. However they ended up initially made and utilised completely by airways, numerous CRS’s have now been tailored for use by vacation agencies – generating information of a single a incredibly attractive place on a CV or resume. One of the most preferred methods in Europe is known as Galileo.


Galileo is a CRS that is widely used in Europe, and boasts 26.4% of all over the world CRS bookings. As a result, expertise of Galileo can be really beneficial to candidates for travel agent careers. Galileo was originally designed by United Airways in 1971, even though it was known then as the Apollo Reservation Process. Though the Apollo Reservation System is continue to utilized by United Airlines, use of the Galileo method has turn out to be considerably more prevalent, and airline organizations this sort of as Air Lingus, Alitalia, Swissair, and Olympic Airlines use Galileo as their desired CRS. Journey agent positions may possibly demand know-how of how the system will work, and there are plenty of destinations which present training in Galileo’s procedure.


Schools provide programs for college students looking to get started careers in the journey field. A very good study course will go over quite a few aspects of not only the Galileo CRS, but also other similar elements of the journey market. With modular classes becoming conventional at most colleges, it can be easy to come across a study course that can supply the specific awareness you need to have to get ready for journey agent work opportunities. Several classes also give the solutions of complete-time or element-time analyze, so that they can conveniently match into a active plan. 1 question to bear in intellect when picking out a training course is no matter whether it is marketplace-recognised and if, upon completion, you will get an externally-validated certification of your new qualification.

On the internet

There are also several web sites that offer online training in Galileo and other related CRS systems. Despite the fact that understanding on the internet may possibly not appear like the most apparent alternative, Galileo’s mother nature as an electronic technique means an on the internet program can be an successful way of familiarising by yourself with it, and learning about its workings in a little extra depth. Even those people currently in travel agent employment need to familiarise them selves on the net with any new CRS’s to brush up on their capabilities. For all those who want to master Galileo, an on-line class can be a excellent solution for obtaining to grips with the fundamental principles of the system ahead of additional in-depth schooling.

On The Career

For these now employed in journey agent work, just one selection (even though not generally accessible) is simply to master Galileo as you go, obtaining education and instruction from far more knowledgeable colleagues. Sensible, hands-on use of a CRS can result in a surprising stage of familiarity very speedily, particularly when supported with a great education system by your enterprise.

By Barbara Kolosinska