The Ostrich – a Flightless Fowl – South Africa

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The ostrich (struthio camelus) is a member of a team of birds regarded as ratites, that is they are flightless birds with no a keel to their breastbone. They are the tallest and heaviest residing bird. Most wild ostriches are uncovered in fragmented teams in West, East and South Africa with the bulk residing in protected activity reserves on the east of the continent. They are properly adapted to residing in dry ailments and are ready to endure dehydration of up to twenty five%. Ostriches have been correctly domesticated and are now farmed all over the environment, notably in South Africa, for meat, feathers and leather. The leather-based goes via a tanning procedure and is then made into vogue accessories these types of as boots and bags.

World Motion of the African Ostrich:

The ostrich marketplace commenced in the feather trade countless numbers of yrs ao and dates back to the earliest civilisations, namely the Egyptian, Assirian and Babilonian empires.

The African continent, particularly the desert places with their vast open up areas, is seemingly the organic house of these birds. Considering that the earliest occasions ostrich feathers have been utilized as decoration. As the ostrich feather has its midriff just in the middle of the plume with an even amount of money of feathers on either sice, it was the symbol of justice in ancient Egypt.

Ostrich Conservation:

Ostriches had been just about wiped out in the 18th century thanks to hunting for feathers. By the center of the 19th century, because of to the in depth observe of ostrich farming the ostrich inhabitants increased. The motion changed to domesticating and plucking ostriches, instead of looking.

Ostrich Copy:

Ostriches type bisexual groups with a complex structure. Territorial males contend for flocks of 3 to five hens. Mating consists of elaborate shows of hisses and dancing.

As soon as divided into mating groups, ostriches in some regions use communal nests to hold wherever from fourteen to 60 eggs. The nest is a hole scraped in bare ground about one to two ft deep. The average egg is 6 inches in size, five inches in width, weighs about 3 lbs ., and is shiny and whitish in coloration. Eggs get somewhere around 35 – 40 times to hatch.

The Ostrich Industry:

There are two motives for this substantial growth level in ostrich farming is that initial, the ostrich is a pretty effortless animal to farm, necessitating very little land and small quantities of feed. Second, the ostrich reproduces and grows particularly quickly, hence their profitability is elevated. 3rd, the value of the ostrich current market is at this time really high, and can be very successful if a farmer involves himself with traders, and this profitability in which the ostrich has maintained. The original rate of finding into the ostrich sector can be really large, but once firmly anchored in the industry for 5 many years or for a longer period, the farmer can see a considerable attain in profitability.

South Africa’s foot-and-mouth advantage:

In Europe, a continent obsessed with delicacies, chefs are struggling with new ostrich culinary troubles as fears of mad cow ailment spread

The country’s ostrich farmers are benefiting, as European self confidence in pink meat solutions plummets right after successive overall health scares. Ostrich meat has the color and consistency of beef but offers a healthy purple-meat substitute, staying lower in fat and cholesterol. The selling price of ostrich carcasses has risen by 25% in latest months. South Africa alone endured an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease only last yr.

Africa, long seen as the hungry continent, may possibly conclusion up feeding plentiful Europe.

By Gerald Crawford