Why Visit South Africa on a Cruise?

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When it comes to natural beauty there are very few places that offer the amount of breathtaking scenery that South Africa does. You’ll see mountains, forests, beaches, and deserts. Wildlife on the ground, in the air, and under the waters of oceans, rivers and lakes are all present here in large numbers for your enjoyment. If you’re looking to get in tune with Mother Nature this is a place you’ll want to go.

The countries of South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia and the island of Madagascar make up the region of the world known as South Africa. It is bordered on three sides by ocean, the Atlantic to the West, the Antarctic to the South, and the Indian Ocean to the East. Cruise deals originating in South Africa include destinations and ports-of-call in all directions including northerly cruises that go up the coastline to either the Gulf of Aden or the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean.

Staying local, cruises that travel the South African Coast and go inland along her many rivers and waterways give you one of the best ways to see this area of the world from the comfort and safety of the deck of a ship. You can relax in the warm climate, enjoy the sun, and take in the sights at your leisure.

If you choose to go ashore, South Africa is one of the most affordable holiday destinations you’ll ever visit. Accommodations are priced significantly lower than they are in Europe or the United States and you’ll find that your pound, Euro, or dollar goes a lot further in Africa when you go shopping. Though not as poor and under-developed as it once was, this region of the world is still catching up so there are great deals to be had if you look for them.

If you’re seeking excitement and adventure you’ll find a vast selection of activities ranging from safaris to scuba diving. You can take a pleasant walk in the mountains or play a few rounds of golf on world class courses where the weather is warm all year round. You can even do a little shark cage diving if you’re looking for a thrill.

The nation of South Africa itself went through many years of struggles and has emerged as a diverse and powerful leader in the realm of human rights and diversity. There are eleven languages spoken here regularly and you can always find someone to translate for you. From a holiday perspective: South Africa has it all for cruise deals.

By Sarah Van Rensburg